Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Week

This week apprentice youth met for the first time. We met three times this week.

On Day One students underwent an orientation outlining the expectations for the program.

On Day Two we were able to get some art supplies out of the cabinet. They each created a drawing that represented them and their artistic style. A speaker also came in on Day Two: Rodney Campbell. He spoke with the youth about what made him want to affiliate with a Milwaukee gang when he was younger, and what made I'm leave the gang. He served as an open book for the youth apprentices allowing them to ask any question they wanted and he answered openly and honestly. By the end of the night the youth apprentice were more open with their own gang knowledge and the group became more open to each other.

Day Three: Apprentices researched a particular subject involving gangs. Many chose to gather information on particular gangs and there history while other researched topics like girl gangs and Milwaukee statistics. Each person then shared their information with the group. We went over a few design element and the youth created drawing based on what they heard.

Overall this week was a very positive one the group of young people are strengthening their knowledge of gang violence as well as getting more comfortable with one another.

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  1. Sounds like a great start to the program! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the apprentices in action and hearing from them directly about their impressions of the job so far!