Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Performance Evaluations Started

Hello. My name is Thomas. Throughout the program I have learned many skills. One being media literacy, and another how to present to a board of members. The skills I’ve learned about media literacy are logo design, the process of professional research, and how to make an idea into a practical layout to be presented.
Thomas – DIAL

Here at ArtWorks programs I learned a lot of different and valuable things. At the beginning I was a little deterred about meeting new people. But after a month in the program everyone has become a new friend. The things I learned was how to make a sale, even if the idea isn’t all that good. Speakers came in the beginning and talked about how gang violence can ruin someone’s life. And I also learned a lot of things about gangs that I didn’t even know about.
Frank – Rufus King

I have learned so far , how to ask questions when I need to. I also learned to get along with people who are different than you. I also learned what to do if you are nervous when you are presenting something. Something that I also learned is how to be more social. Finally I learned responsibility.
Josh – West Allis Central

So far I have learned many things, the best thing that I have accomplished more after is how to communicate a little more with my peers. How to speak more and say what I think of. I got to know more about other employees. So now I feel more comfortable around them. The thing I have learned is how to make a message out and make it be seen. How to make the ideas expand it and make it come together.
Jesus – Supar H.S.

The biggest learning experience that I have had is talking to people I have never seen before. I figured out that I can take and answer their questions pretty fine. Another thing that I had to deal with is that I have to take every idea that my customer has and put in the design and always tell them and give them what they want to hear.
Nicole – Pius XI

I learned a lot from the event that happened today. I learned that the best work is not always good work. I learned that our work may need some improvement. I had learned a lot more through the last couple of weeks. I learned that everyone is different from one another. I learned a new way of drawing. I also learned how to do team work.
Desmond – Rufus King

Over these couple of weeks I’ve been here I learned a lot. What I learned was, how important it is to not be in a gang. When I first came to ArtWorks I didn’t know anything about gangs but now now I know a lot of different things about a lot of different gangs. I also learned different techniques like how to put different ideas together.
Brandon – Milwaukee School of Entrepreneurship.

I have learned that people have different opinions and that evaluations are nothing that you would expect, especially when you’re being told what you need to improve on and what you are good at.
Nicole – Riverside

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  1. I am so proud about how well this team has come together!